Berlin-Utrecht Reciprocals Survey

Welcome to the Berlin-Utrecht reciprocals survey, the database of the project A typology of reciprocal markers: Analysis and documentation.

The database is now in the data collection stage, but its content is still evolving. You are now looking at a temporary public version of the database, with a small subset of the collected data. Documentation and extra functionality will be added when the data is ready for public release. You are welcome to browse the data available here, but be aware that the correctness or completeness of the data has not yet been verified. Please double-check the accuracy of any information you find here.

Use the buttons on the left to Browse or Search the database.

Project participants: This is a partial copy of the database. Data entry is carried out in the main (full) database, which you can access through the Login button. Access to the full database is by password only.

For questions about the database server, please contact Alexis Dimitriadis.

Database documentation


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